Thursday, November 29, 2007

my very own salon

Ben and I built a salon in the garage here it actually turned out really nice and it gives me a little break from the kids. I have some clients from the ward here and a few that Ben has sent me from Toyota.

Jackson's got a girlfriend

this is Jackson and my good friend Katie's daughter, Jolie (Jackson says she is his girlfriend. She is one of the cutest girls I have ever seen)

this is Grant in his cute little winter hat (not that we really need it here) I just thought it was so cute


Ben's Brother is visiting us from Texas, he just got home from his mission in Brazil.
The other day we wanted to go to this place called The Grove so we started driving downtown in Los Angeles and could not find it anywhere. So I called my friend Katie to see if she knew where it was and apparently we weren't anywhere close to it- oh well it was really fun to see downtown and to see if we could find our way home. (we did and it was so easy) anyway so today we ventured off to see the walk of fame with all the stars down the sidewalk in Hollywood it was so neat to see the Hollywood sign on the mountain and it was also very fun to drive in the hollywood hills and see all the amazing houses. So I decided that although hollywood was fun to see and I was very star struck it was really dirty and there were lots of strange people in one area. We saw a midget, a guy without legs, a crazy Korean lady (literally crazy) and some famous people who I didn't know. It was really crazy to see all these people from different walks of life all on one street. you know the saying that it is always fun to go see things but it always feels good to come home. it has been so fun to live here and see many different amazing things but at the end of the day there is nothing better than coming home.