Thursday, December 30, 2010

The backyard

There are tons trees everywhere it makes for lots of raking! and lots of good leaf jumping piles.

The boys helping dad
having fun in the piles

running in the backyard! so fun!!!! When the boys go out they never want to come back in even when it gets dark.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!! We had a wonderful Christmas this year in our new home:)

We started out with our traditional decorating christmas cars (we do that instead of gingerbread houses because of the house full of boys:)

The boys opening their Christmas Eve jammies!!!

Linky pie loves his!
Jackson... the model, loves his robe.
and Grant in his santa jammies, so snuggly!
Christmas morning!!!! Lincolns loot!!!!!!!

Santa brought bean bags,
with their names!!!!!!!

PILLOW PETS! thanks Grammy!! we love them!

It snowed!!! we were so excited!! aparently it was the most snow in 100 years. (according to the news)

Linky pie loves the bean bags.

We hope you all had a wonderful day, we miss all of you and you were all in our thoughts!!! we love you and miss you all!

Friday, December 17, 2010

ok here we go, life in a nutshell (lately)

Well the last couple of months have been a whirlwind so here we are in our new life! lots of things have happened but here are a few pictures

I had a birthday, yep 28! Jackson was brave enought to remind me ON MY BIRTHDAY that in only 2 years I will be 30! (don't tell him but seems like I should be 30 already, seems like having 3 kids moved probably 10 times living in 3 different states should take up more than just 8 years) But I am happy to have 2 more years in my 20's
It snowed one day last week and the boys thought it was Christmas, no really they were ready to open all the presents they really thought it was Christmas (poor kids need snow! They loved every second of it even though it didn't stick)

This is one of my favorite rooms the ceiling is so high and I love how spacious it is compared to our tiny house in California.

Yep thats me! I was so excited that I get to buy cute winter hats with fun braids! don't mind the wrinkles of this really close photo... you get those with age don't worry:)

My second favorite part of the house my closet!!!!! these pics don't do it justice this is only half of the closet I LOVE IT SO MUCH !!!!!! i can actually SEE my clothes!!!!

And this is the new place we call home, it really is like waking up in a dream, the boys love it here so much and have adapted quickly, it feels safe and happy just like all Homes should feel. Its nice to be HOME!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tiny Blankey

Grant woke up this morning and threw "Tiny Blankey" in the garbage. Ben and I thought he was joking but when he never went back and got it or talked about it we knew he was being serious. He told us that he wanted to be big and that tiny blankey was to stinky for him so he wanted it to be in the garbage, and never made mention of it again.
To Grant: I am so proud of you, that was such a big boy decision made all on your own, you are growing up so fast.
To tiny blankey: you will not be missed you were always so smelly. Thanks for helping Grant grow up!

(of course I did have some tears in my eyes)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

blue whales

one of the most amazing things about living here is that we get to see some of the most incredible things! Its a good reminder of why it costs so much to live here because there really isn't anything like it!

Ben and I took the boys out to see the blue whales... Technically it isn't whale season but since it has been such a cold summer the Blue Whales have migrated to our coast because of the amount of fish that are here. The boat captain said that they haven't seen this many whales in this coast for 50 years they said they have spotted up to 50-60 just on our coast alone. It really is an amazing once in a lifetime things to see!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor day hiking trip

We went hiking up Malibu Creek canyon, it was so nice to be outdoors and getting some good exercise. It was really really hot there as you will see in the progression of the pictures everyones faces get redder and redder as the trip goes on. The boys were troopers and we had a great time!!!

I was there.... no one ever takes my picture so I thought I better throw this one in there in case any of you were wondering where I was.

Getting hot... and maybe a little delirious

Really hot now
And REALLY DELIRIOUS!!! thanks boys for being such great sports! We love you!