Monday, September 12, 2011


This is what happens when you are playing to hard. they fall asleep at the computer:)

The weather is finally nice enough to eat outside!! Yea for fall!!

Jackson started soccer and is loving it!! He had his first game and only lost by 1 point!
Grant Jumping for Jackson!!

and this is what Linc likes to do at the pool. He avoids the water but loves the mud.

I lied I did get one picture of Grant on his first day of school, so cute!

10 year High school reunion (am I really that old)

Me at the parade. Yes I was truly this happy.

Ben and I flew to Utah for a quick and I mean quick day trip for my 10 year high school reunion (crazy I know) and also to meet up with this super cute couple Jared and his fiance Tayler. We met up with them friday night at 11:00 pm had some late dinner and then talked and laughed until 2 am. Ben and I headed up to Brigham City for the Peach Day's parade and then later headed over to my Grandpa's house and then to the reunion, met up with my friends Jackie and Britnee (no pictures:( and then met back up with Jared and Taylor for chips and salsa and chocolate molten at chilis before catching our plane at 1:00 am woweeee what a crazy fun day!

Yes I do love him...:)

The love birds.... WE have been trying to get Jared married for 9 years now and wahoo its happening!!! He got a great girl.

Me at my old/new High school. They totally redid the entire thing only the gym and the shops outside were the only thing I recognized.

Me and my very sweet Grandpa, I love him so much!

The craziness of Peach Day's oh I miss those simple days!

Me and Ben at one of my all time favorite places to eat after school, Idle Isle (ok sometime during to, don't tell my mom and dad:) Just as yummy as I remember.

We also went to my old dance /gymnastic studio it was really fun to show Ben around and see all the things that made me... ME!


My very sweet very amazing husband (have I ever mentioned I am obsessed) took me downtown to stay in a Renaissance Marriott for our 9th anniversary, we went and ate at this very quaint restaurant and walked around after, I love love love cities so so much and so it was fun to see downtown Atlanta. We went to Ikea the next day to get some shelves for my craft room, oh I am in LOVE with him and the shelves!!! isn't organizing fun !!!

Me and ben ( and for some reason this is the only picture we took.. not the best but it will do.

My shelves.. one day they will be painted, but lets be realistic I am just happy I have them!

school and just for fun!

So I didn't realize how super lame I was until after school had started and I actually could sorta catch up on things I had let go over summer.. but I guess I didn't take any pics of my childrens first day of school:( dont' worry you can all think I am lame but I really am not beating myself up over it.) I really have a lot of things going on and a lot of things scrambled in my brain. With Ben being gone often and a bigger house than I am use to, to keep up on and three boys and homework and cleaning, cooking, soccer, car problems, home improvements, faith in god activities, work, working out, laundry, keeping 3 bathrooms clean (we all know how boys are) organizing, finding time to make friends so I don't feel so lonely, finding time to hang with Ben when he is here.....well you get the idea, a picture somehow didn't come to mind.. so don't judge me! Anyway now that I only have 1 child here with me during the day I am catching up slowly but I am and I am not a procrastinator when I want something done it gets done, just seems like things every which way needs to get done. With that said I had a moment to go through some things on my computer and I found some of these fun pics the boys and I took over the summer. They made me smile, and I hope they make you smile to!

Gwinnett Braves

Jackson's school had a baseball game family night, we have a local minor league baseball team here so we went as a family and really had a lot of fun! After we went to Bruster's to get Ice Cream and then took the boys swimming, they were so cute they thought their parents had lost their marbles because we took them swimming at 9 o'clock and they normally go to bed at 7:30 so they were super excited to say the least.

this is what Lincoln was doing to entertain himself

and of course you can't go to a game without getting an minute maid ice