Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Atlanta Temple open house

We had the opportunity to go to the Atlanta temple as a family, they renovated the temple and it has been closed for the last 2 years and luckily we got to go and tour it before they rededicate it. It was so neat to show the boys what the room looked like that Ben and I were married in, they thought it was so amazing and they loved the baptismal font with the 12 oxen they said that was one of their favorite parts.

There was also some pokemon card trading with cousins
and cute little Lincy pie cheesing it up
And all the cousins!

And some Very Very handsome boys

Friday, April 22, 2011

easter fun!

Today seemed like it lasted forever and the sad part is it's only half over.. Just one of those days, I did get a lot done today so I am not sure what the deal was! Then we got Easter treats in the mail and made everyone smile! This is just the beginning of a fun Easter filled weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter:)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Creatively made

Alright it's time for the inveiling....

I have started a new blog called creatively made.... Many of you want to know how to make some of the things I have made so I thought I would help you all out!

check it out! www.creativelymade.blogspot.com


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break

We Had such a fun Spring Break.. In fact it didn't even feel like spring break because I didn't get sick of the kids:) We spent most of the week with my friend Wendy and her crew ... Thanks for entertaining us Wendy!

Monday: splash park, Got super duper fried!!! OUCH!

Tuesday: Library, Gym, pizza with Wendy and kids

Had to throw this one in of Linc... A-dorable!

Wednesday: Grant's Birthday, Movie (gullivers Travels) the kids were awesome in the movie theater... think we might be regulars at the movies this summer!!!

Thursday: Park day and prepare for Camping! woo hooo

Friday: Camping!!! we had so much fun camping and the good news is the boys want to go again, we really enjoyed ourselves thanks to Wendy for setting it up! There were 4 families total and the kids had such a good time, and got along for the most part other than the normal Girl drama with tweens it was great!!! Grant was so cute he couldn't wrap his head around that we were staying there to sleep it was a dream come true for him, he could have stayed there all weekend!
filling up for water guns!
Even Pinky pie enjoyed himself
Roasing marshmallows and hot dogs and if your a kid, any stick you can get your hands on apparently needs to be on fire:)

all the boys!!! yes there were 4 girls as well but none of them were mine
this was Lincoln's favorite chair he took over it... it was a very pretty pink.
Chess game and hot chocolate... nothing better than that for these boys
Grant talking about doing back flips, so serious!
Jackson and his Best buddy Christian, Thanks Christian for being such a good guy and always including Jackson!!!

Breakfast, pancakes, sausage, oj and bacon!!
Lincoln driving us to the field for baseball! We arrived safely.... this is how you do it Georgia style!

Ben found this cute little frog in the yard almost mowed him over. The boys were squealing like little girls, but were sad when we had to let him go.

Grant turns 4!

My sweet Grant turned 4 on the 6th of April, He is such a sweet fun boy he keeps us on our toes and loves to learn new things. He has a mind of his own and is very independent He likes to do things but only on his terms. He is so happy to be 4 although it seems like he has been 4 for a year now and seems like he should be turning 5. We love him so very much and are so grateful to have him in our family!

Birthday party at the park
Wendy doin the thing she does best!