Wednesday, May 26, 2010

alright.... fine I will do a post

There has been war in my head regarding blogs.... One side it says do it for the Grandmas who seem to live a million miles away (THEY NEED TO SEE PICTURES OF YOUR SWEET SWEET BOYS) The other side says you have a bagillion things to do and some really cute boys that need your attention... they are only young for so long and laundry to be done and dishes that are sitting in the sink and beds that need sheets washed and vacuuming and bathroom that always smells because I have 4 boys that use 1 bathroom and windows that need the spider webs cleaned out for the summer time and baking to be done so these sweet boys who seem as though they are hungry ALL DAY LONG! and then of course it starts all over the next day.. man I am exhausted even thinking about all this........................ BUT...............Today .................The update won!!!!! ok so there are only two pics but hopefully this is a start to my weekly goal to update, we'll see!

This one is of the boys eating delicious blueberries & I was talking to Grammy on the phone!

This is one of our night out on the town, I love this man he makes my world spin!