Wednesday, August 27, 2008

They are here!!!

Hey everyone, the new peek a boo bags with double sided toys and picture tags are here!!!! They are so so cute so find a retailer and collect them all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's just one of those days

Well I don't normally do posts like this, but for some reason I am really missing my family and friends in Utah.  I don't cry very often (for a girl, maybe because my whole family consists of all boys and they just don't understand crying)  I think it is all hitting me with the start of the holidays around the corner (and all my visitors have come and gone) and we won't be able to be with them for the second year in a row.   I love California, but it is really hard not having family around.  Everything is so expensive here and and I really hate having 3,000,000,056,2oo,ooo people living on my block with me, I feel like they can hear every conversation, every fight I have with my children and my children screaming.  I am really sick of the little yappy dogs I hear almost all day long.  I am sorry for this post I normally think it is silly when I see someone venting on their blog but I think Jackson thinks I am crazy for crying so I needed to tell someone and what better place than the 3,000,000,056,200,000 people that are out there (who knows maybe one of my neighbors is reading this with their yappy dogs and will think twice about letting them bark constantly)...... I guess it is just one of those days.

Activity of the day!

Well Jackson is getting a little antsy these days without pre-school being in session, so all day he follows me around and says "what can we do mom?"  So today we did this. It's just Marshmallows dipped in chocolate with sprinkles.....YUMMY!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I love our computer so much it has this cool program called photo booth. Jackson was having so much fun so we took lots, have a great laugh.

having fun

this is jackson and I playing around on our computer..... Aren't we cute

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kirk and Kylee come to town!

my cute, brother Kirk and his daughter Kylee are visiting for a couple of day so they can go to Disneyland.  We met up with them last night and swam in their hotel swimming pool, we had so much fun and Kylee is so sweet with the boys they love her so much.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Did I get such a cute little guy!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary!!! I can't believe how fast time flies.  I am married to the most wonderful sweet, caring husband and dad.  He is so very patient with me and I love him so much!  Thanks for the best 6 years ever! I love you! 
  We celebrated last night in Venice Beach we got a hotel on the beach and ate at a really fun Italian Restaurant, walked around and saw all the interesting people and shops and then ate ice cream at coldstone, yummy! 
                                       Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Me and Marcella

this is a late post, but I am learning an important lesson in life that is is better late than  never SO, my best friend Marcella came to visit and we had so much fun, I felt like a teenager again we went to Beverly Hills, to have SPRINKLES cupcakes and to shop until our feet hurt... Literally!  We hung out at the Hermosa Pier one night, we went to the beach and Marcella turned 28 while she was here.  Thanks again for coming I had so much fun!! me

i. am. me

I copied this from a friends blog, It looked like a lot of fun....

i am: Going to be married for 6 years on Saturday
i think: I am a fun person
i know: that most of the time life doesn't go as planned
i want: a lot of things
i have: two of the sweetest boys I could ever ask for.
i dislike: when people are mean
i miss: my family (its hard living away from so many loved ones)
i fear: something happening to my children
i feel: Hot (no ac)
i hear: water, Jackson is water painting
i smell:  the ocean breeze, and I love it!!!
i crave: a baby
i usually:  stress about everything
i search: blogs way to much.... i miss all my friends
i wonder: when the world will actually end and how
i regret: nothing, I have learned from my mistakes
i love: my family, friends, the gym and chocolate
i care: about everything and everyone!
i always: have good intentions
i worry: about being a good parent to my children
i am not: the best at controlling my temper
i remember: when life was easy, and I thought it was so hard
i believe: In the LDS faith, that I will be able to be with my family for eternity.
i dance: with my kids, we have some great dance parties over here
i sing: all the time, although I shouldn't 
i don't always: do the laundry when it is finished
i argue: way to much
i write: on my blog
i win: a lot, i feel like i have pretty good luck
i lose: sometimes to
i wish: houses were not so pricey around here 
i never: want anything bad to happen
i listen: to music a lot
i don't understand: why there are such mean people in my ward
i can usually be found: in the salon or sewing
i am scared: at night
i need: a new purse
i forget: to write important things down
i am happy: always:)

Monday, August 4, 2008

breaking dawn

I am halfway through! And I am loving it, if you haven't started reading it I suggest you do (except for you lesli, since I have your copy) It has all sorts of surprises!!!......