Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Today we are celebrating our 6th anniversary!!! I can't believe how fast time flies.  I am married to the most wonderful sweet, caring husband and dad.  He is so very patient with me and I love him so much!  Thanks for the best 6 years ever! I love you! 
  We celebrated last night in Venice Beach we got a hotel on the beach and ate at a really fun Italian Restaurant, walked around and saw all the interesting people and shops and then ate ice cream at coldstone, yummy! 
                                       Happy Anniversary!


le said...

I like your hair.

cortney and neil said...

Happy Aniversary. I hope it worked. Wink Wink

Analei said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like fun!

I didn't get a chance to tell you today but I love your hair! looks great! BTW - people are still complimenting me on my hair :-) Thanks!

tai and joe said...

Happy Anniversary! Your hair is so cute.