Thursday, August 14, 2008 me

i. am. me

I copied this from a friends blog, It looked like a lot of fun....

i am: Going to be married for 6 years on Saturday
i think: I am a fun person
i know: that most of the time life doesn't go as planned
i want: a lot of things
i have: two of the sweetest boys I could ever ask for.
i dislike: when people are mean
i miss: my family (its hard living away from so many loved ones)
i fear: something happening to my children
i feel: Hot (no ac)
i hear: water, Jackson is water painting
i smell:  the ocean breeze, and I love it!!!
i crave: a baby
i usually:  stress about everything
i search: blogs way to much.... i miss all my friends
i wonder: when the world will actually end and how
i regret: nothing, I have learned from my mistakes
i love: my family, friends, the gym and chocolate
i care: about everything and everyone!
i always: have good intentions
i worry: about being a good parent to my children
i am not: the best at controlling my temper
i remember: when life was easy, and I thought it was so hard
i believe: In the LDS faith, that I will be able to be with my family for eternity.
i dance: with my kids, we have some great dance parties over here
i sing: all the time, although I shouldn't 
i don't always: do the laundry when it is finished
i argue: way to much
i write: on my blog
i win: a lot, i feel like i have pretty good luck
i lose: sometimes to
i wish: houses were not so pricey around here 
i never: want anything bad to happen
i listen: to music a lot
i don't understand: why there are such mean people in my ward
i can usually be found: in the salon or sewing
i am scared: at night
i need: a new purse
i forget: to write important things down
i am happy: always:)


cortney and neil said...

of course you had to mention the Ward :) you make me laugh. Love ya

california smiths said...

That is so cute! I don't think I could fill it out, I am not that creative. Sorry there are mean people in your ward, we used to tell people on my mission, "The church is perfect, the people are not" :)

Mel said...

Wow... Eric and I are having our 6 year anniversary this Saturday too!

Isaac & Kelsie said...

You have mean people in you ward?!? Ugh. I hate that! Cute post!!