Monday, November 17, 2008


The weather on Saturday was perfect, so we hit the beach in the 90 degree weather, it was so beautiful and the waves were huge and they crashed like thunder.... I love living here! except we got a lame parking ticket for backing into a space and not just pulling in like normal.

Monday, November 10, 2008


   This is why I love the holidays

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Katie's Birthday, G.N.O

Katie's Birthday is on Sunday, so as our new tradition we have been going to the Cheesecake factory with just us girls.  We had so much fun!!!! Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


 OK OK OK I think I have been tagged like 5 times with this same tag so I guess I will finally do this...
8 T.V. Shows I love to watch......
1.Dancing with the stars
2. Hanna Montana (laugh all you want I think its adorable)
3. Private Practice
4. Greys anatomy
5. Prison Break
6. Good things Utah (which I miss so so much)
7.  The office
8.  American Idol (when it is on)

8 Favorite Restaurants.....    Sad but I don't think I have 8 favorite restaurants
1. Cafe Rio ( it's you and me at christmas time baby)
2. Chili's 
3. Red Robin
4. Pf changs
5. Yogurt Factory 

8 Things that happened last night.....
1. Put the kids to bed
2.  Folded Laundry
3.  Ate an ice cream sandwich
4. went to Michaels (that store is trouble with a capital T)
5.  went to Ross's got some new apple green sunglasses and a shirt
6. Katie fed us the yummiest Pesto, and pudding cake
7. Got the kids in the tub
8. called my sister

8 Things your looking forward to......
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving
3. Decorating for christmas
4. Birthday
5. Sewing a new project
6. Girls night at cheesecake factory
7. Ben coming home from work
8. another baby

8 Things on my wish list.....
1. Live a wonderful life
2. My children to be happy and successful
3. Go on a trip outside the USA
4. be skinny
5. to stop my drinking problem (don't worry mom it's just Diet Coke)
6. Hang out with my family
7. a baby
8. new craft ideas

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

new family pictures

Family Picture time!!!! My cute friend Katie took these pictures she did a great job (even if grant wasn't being very cooperative)  thanks Katie!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

the night

Grant the Dragon

Jackson as Darth Vader

The trick or treating clan

We had a great halloween, and we hope all of you did to.   Now for the holidays...