Thursday, November 6, 2008


 OK OK OK I think I have been tagged like 5 times with this same tag so I guess I will finally do this...
8 T.V. Shows I love to watch......
1.Dancing with the stars
2. Hanna Montana (laugh all you want I think its adorable)
3. Private Practice
4. Greys anatomy
5. Prison Break
6. Good things Utah (which I miss so so much)
7.  The office
8.  American Idol (when it is on)

8 Favorite Restaurants.....    Sad but I don't think I have 8 favorite restaurants
1. Cafe Rio ( it's you and me at christmas time baby)
2. Chili's 
3. Red Robin
4. Pf changs
5. Yogurt Factory 

8 Things that happened last night.....
1. Put the kids to bed
2.  Folded Laundry
3.  Ate an ice cream sandwich
4. went to Michaels (that store is trouble with a capital T)
5.  went to Ross's got some new apple green sunglasses and a shirt
6. Katie fed us the yummiest Pesto, and pudding cake
7. Got the kids in the tub
8. called my sister

8 Things your looking forward to......
1. Christmas
2. Thanksgiving
3. Decorating for christmas
4. Birthday
5. Sewing a new project
6. Girls night at cheesecake factory
7. Ben coming home from work
8. another baby

8 Things on my wish list.....
1. Live a wonderful life
2. My children to be happy and successful
3. Go on a trip outside the USA
4. be skinny
5. to stop my drinking problem (don't worry mom it's just Diet Coke)
6. Hang out with my family
7. a baby
8. new craft ideas