Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun at Grammy's

We spent 9 days in Texas with Ben's parents and had so so so much fun.... here are some of the things we did.. I don't have pictures of everything we did but Ben was there for the last half of our trip, Ben's mom helped me sew a quilt for our bed (picture coming in mid march) and of course I did some friends hair that I hadn't seen in a while.  It was such a relaxing time we never wanted to leave. Thanks for taking care of us We love you!!!

We fed the ducks
Played Grammy's pianos
Made new Friends

Hung out with Grammy

Took some really cute pictures

Grant got his very first baby that he calls Eeeee He loves him so much and I am so happy to see how gentle he is with his baby hopefully that means he will be gentle with our baby.

Last but not least Jackson and Grant got to go to the Dallas zoo with Grammy and Grandpa

sickness, not fun!

I don't know about you guys  but there has been some nasty colds going around that in Grants case ended up in an ear infection.  So we were busy nursing him back to health before we went to Texas, his poor little cheeks were so red from a high fever that lasted 3 days poor guy.

Here I go again

Well I think I am now back to the blogging world, sorry for being such a blog slacker.  I will try not to be such a slacker in the future.
So here are some pictures of what's been happening
Grant is my biggest helper he love love loves to help mommy so this was me finally cleaning out the fridge and my big helper thought he was just so funny, not to mention cute as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

have you ever

seen anything cuter??? Oh I love these boys!!!!!