Sunday, January 30, 2011

random ramblings

still keeping busy.... I just wanted you all to see the amazing pictures that my friend Shannon took and our other friend Jared surprised us with the pics! we love them and they make us smile every day!
Some other funny/really cute things that the boys have said are to cute to not write so bear with me as I be a bragging mommy for a minute.
-Jackson came in bright and early in the morning dressed completely for school down to his shoes and his jacket Ben had already left for work and Jackson said to me "mom I am ready for school," I said thank you so much for getting ready and not complaining this morning, he said "no I am ALL ready for school I ate breakfast
packed my lunch and my snack brushed my teeth and got dressed I wanted to do it for you so we didn't have to rush to school and to make you happy, now would it be alright if I watched some tv before we go to school?" I about died what a sweet sweet boy!!!!
-I met Jackson at his school for lunch with the other two boys (there are two mean kids in his class, don't worry they aren't mean to my baby) and at some point while we were eating Grant said "hey Jackson where are the two mean boys?" Jackson answered so maturely he said " Grant I don't think that is a question I should answer." I was so proud of him that he was big enough to know that, that is not something we should point fingers at.

-Lincoln has been very generous with his new found talent of giving kisses! He is also now old enough to go to nursery and does great!!!! way to go Lincy pie!!!!!

-I went to the salvation army with the relief society president and the two boys to do some thrift shopping... yes I am an addict) At some point Grant shouts
"mom this store is really boring!" that made everyone in the entire store laugh.

This is my work in progress, we got this for free off craigslist it is missing one of the spindle things but I have it don't worry it will be fixed, when we got this it was a really dirty looking light oak color so I sanded it down and now am ready to fix it and make a really cute pillow to go on it... stay tuned for the finished product I think its going to be great!!!!!
The big pic on the shelves is one that Shannon took! and also the one to the far right but I will show you a better pic of that in a minute.

I just made this beautiful pillow it sits in my entry way, it makes me happy everytime I see it!

and this little Gem (the dresser) I found at my sister in laws house while she was doing some house cleaning and I said Rachel you need to paint that (it was an awful green color chipping everywhere) she said do you want it I will never have time to fix it up... voila here it is in its amazingness (i spray painted it with ocean breeze spray paint and then glazed aroung the edges, I also sprayed the handles a with oil rubbed bronze paint) I love it so much!!!! I found the perfect lamp at the salvation army for it but didn't get it now I am kicking myself! and last but not least the beautiful pic above it, this pic was suppose to be for above the fireplace but I wanted it in the entry way so everyone can enjoy it as much as we do!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

School closed, for a week!

Sunday night it started snowing and within an hour we had 4-5 inches of snow on the ground... I thought hmm no big deal, but a week later we are still stuck (Literally stuck for a week which by the way is a record for me)in our house. I have been working on projects that have been waiting on me for quite some time and I finished them I am so proud I thought I would share with you. And of course there are some cute pics of what the boys have been doing in their spare time as well.

This flower is something I was working on forever! It is really big probaly 10" round it is on a large canvas picture frame

I repainted these stools I think they turned out great!!! they use to be red green and cream
I didn't really do anything in here I just really love my dining room so I though you should all see it!
I found these glass votives and candle sticks on super duper clearance at target don't they look great! Yes I realize they need candles in them... remember I am home bound.
this glass vase with the crystals and blue candle I created at michaels out of their christmas leftovers, isn't is great I thought it looked so pretty and wintery!
I repainted this it use to be green and these super cute spoons my friend gave me from anthropology for my birthday, love this!
we made pumpkin chocolate chips muffins they are delicious!
I finished my wall of frames for my family pics you can't see the pics but believe me they look amazing!
I just finished with this beautiful frame- got it at michaels for 8 bucks! and put the most gorgeous fabric in it!
we love to see the wildlife from our big windows! sometimes there are big rabbits to!
Jackson wanted to learn how to make a hat
and then they sewed buttons onto fabric (now its hanging on their wall)
Lincoln in a pot (bens doing)
Isn't he yummy!
watching the big boys play outside in the fresh snow!
Its been so fun being cooped up in the house for so many days, we have really enjoyed hanging out and being lazy seriously lazy we have been in our jammies everyday and made yummy treats and watched tons of movies. We went sledding down the hill had hot chocolate and even I was able to sneak in a few naps. Ben was also home for 3 days they shut down the airport and his office so no traveling for him:)