Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grants Birthday

ok so I am totally late on this posting Grant had his 1st birthday this past weekend, here are a few things that we love about him.

He is such a sweet boy and keeps me on my toes,
He gets into everything but is so stinking cute while he is doing it so it is hard to get mad.
He loves his big brother Jackson more than anything and tries to copy everything he does.
He makes us laugh all day long
He has been walking since he was 9 months old
He can wave bye bye
We love you Grant! Happy Birthday!!!


california smiths said...

Happy Birthday Grant!! He looks like he is turning 2 not 1! What a cute boy...

Lari said...

Happy Birthday Grant! What a cute little guy.

britneebabe said...

Happy Birthday little guy!! xx

Jillian said...

HE IS SO CUTE! I miss you guys! I wish you were still here so Gracie and Grant could play. I hope all is well!