Monday, July 7, 2008

Boat ride to Alcatraz Island and Alcatraz prison

So this is our trip in to San Francisco, we had so much fun!!!

This picture is on the boat ride over to Alcatraz Island, Grant loved it and of course Jackson was scared out of his mind.

The picture below is of the jail cells, they are so very tiny, apparently this row of cells were the most preferred because there was windows opposite of them so the inmates could see outside and hear people having parties so they didn't feel so secluded, they said they loved it when they could hear girls talk.
This picture is where they could go to play baseball, they said it didn't matter how cold it got they would always go outside to get away from the cells for a while.
this is the cells they had I think they said they were 5 by 7 by 9 so not very roomy

This is grant talking on the phone (really it was our audio tour but he thought he was pretty special)
this is Jackson at the visiting window

This cell below is called the isolation cell I walked in and It felt so eery and sad.

this is a picture of the morgue... enough said
this is where they would pick up their new clothes for the day 


Jillian said...

I love SF...looks like you guys had fun, I am jealous!! Your boys are getting big and I miss your guts!!