Thursday, August 4, 2011

trip to california!!

My amazing incredible husband put me on a plane to California .... alone, no kids for an ENTIRE weekend! I got to see all my favorite people and eat at my favorite places!

This is my mom that I adopted to take care of me when we were living there. She is wonderful, and such good company to be with!

She took me to this place right on the edge of the water so fun, happy and Yummy!

I miss seeing this everyday:(

Me and my friend Cambria she is awesome and let me stay with her and her cute family.

My friends. A bunch of my favs from my old ward

After breakfast we took some fun pictures. Yes there are 10 that look the exact same but they are not my camera took 10 in a row so we were silly.

at Martha's on the beach. This place has amazing food and you can't beat the ambiance of the ocean in the background and the locals.

Headed out to dinner, here we come C&O's (me, Katie, Cambria)

C&O's what an experience... enough said. (me, Andrea, Katie, Cambria)

Me and my girl Bea... she is just the coolest!

And to send me off back to Gorgia we went to an 80's party!!! It was so super fun!!!!!! (felt a little like I was in Georgia since that is how a lot of people still look;)

going home.... goodbye westcoast:(

while I was gone the boys found this turtle in the backyard

Every mom needs a good break so they can come back re-energized and happy. It was such a short trip but meant so much to me thanks everyone for taking time to hang out with me and especially thanks to Ben for watching the boys for 5 days, you really are amazing and my most favorite in the whole entire universe!