Monday, June 23, 2008

So we went to the park...

So like I said in my last post it has been so very hot, so we headed to the park to get cooled off in the nice breeze, We had so much fun and than we came home and had homemade chocolate milkshakes! 

This is Grant holding (Gary) the snail he was so cute and was not afraid to touch this slimy snail, Jackson was a little weary of it of course. 
Me enjoying the cool air and of course watching the boys have so much fun, I love to just sit and watch them play together they are so cute!!!

and of course we had to have the random break down, I thought it was so funny that we were having so much fun and then both of the boys started to cry:(

Here they are together, aren't they sweet!


le said...

I could hear jackson's cries in my head when I saw the picture. Was it your parkette? I love the parkette, I had dreams about it when we were at our way too park for a 2 year old.