Wednesday, February 22, 2012


What would make you want to visit a salon? I know for most of us it is a daunting task and seems as though 6 weeks passes so quickly and then you have to make that call.. the one you know is going to cost you $100+. Depressing even for me as a hair stylist I feel for you all that come in very faithfully at 6 weeks and pay me money to do your hair, besides the money it is so fulfilling to see the change that occurs after that grueling 2 hours of sitting with crazy solar emitting foils in your hair, the look that I get when it is all done is so rewarding if it were right and normal I would do it for free just to get that "fix" it is truly addicting, and that is my selfish part of it. This gift is truly god given and everytime I "decide" I need to be a mom and and not worry about people and their hair I get slammed full force with this feeling that I am given a gift and it shouldn't be wasted... so for selfish reasons just to get that "fix" of you walking out the door with your head a little bit higher and a little more self confidence of yes I can take on the world for another 6 more weeks is true payback. So here if what got me thinking about all of this. Every once in a while I toy with wanting to own a salon... this thought scares this livin daylights out of me. I am so not business saavy and I have no idea how to run a business. The one thing I do know is how to be friends and to make friends and to try to surround myself with happiness. SO this thought came to me today and so I needed to write it down. What would make people want to get their hair done what help them look forward to their appointment every 6 weeks so much that they actually look forward to it? What would you want? I know what I would want I would want the salon I go to feel like I am meeting my closest friends for lunch I would want the salon to build me up and surround me with happiness so much that when I am there I am not thinking about all the craziness that goes on around me outside but the love and freindships I make.. I would want this place to make you feel like the most special person in the whole world as though you were a celebrity walking in and getting treated so glamorously. I know this atmosphere isn't for everyone but I can't imagine you would be sad walking into a place like this.... Now figuring out how to make this all happen thats the hard part, And very scary. Well here is all my ideas I am putting it out in the universe and hoping one day it will become a reality until then: I will just keep praying:)


california smiths said...

babysitting ;)

Shannon said...

I love slightly more private stations since I'm an introvert and don't want to feel like everyone in the whole place can hear my conversation (even if they can). I also LOVE when they give free sodas (or coffee for people who drink that) or even water. No salon in my city does that and it's always a disappointment since I'm there for 2 hours every 4 weeks (and sometimes under heaters). It's just a nice touch that I used to look forward to in other salons I've been to in the past.

I am not a fan of living by dress codes myself, BUT I have noticed that it's important in order to be professional especially in an image based industry because I like when the hair stylists/aesthesticians in the salon look really put together because it makes me feel more confident that I'm spending money on quality professionals and not Great Clips.

Also, small things I've liked in some past salons -- designated coat areas and places to put your purse that's not in the way or bound to get covered in hair. Small things, I know, but I always appreciated that stuff.

Hope that helps! I know, I have too many opinions. I could probably keep going. I have a lot of hair salon experience when I've moved so many places and have to get my hair cut so often.

Ashley and Devan said...

The last salon I went to was the one you worked at in Provo, so 7 years ago or so! Forever. For the past 5 years I've been going to a friend of mine who does hair in her house. I love that it's private and we can talk about anything without worrying about people listening in. I also love that her focus is on me for 2 hours. She's not running around talking to other stylists or answering phone calls. She is a lot like you, very friendly and caring so I really look forward to going. She knows what I like to drink and has it every time I see her. She gives each of her clients gifts at Christmas time. It's usually just a travel size hairspray or something simple, but it's sweet of her. If you could make a salon with that kind of feel, I think people would love it.
You would be an excellent salon owner, I hope you can make it happen!