Wednesday, February 27, 2008

100 things

My friend Ashley did this and I thought it was fun to learn 100 things about her, (which I knew most of them already) anyway I took the challenge and wanted to do it to, here I go....
1. I love my boys
2. I want 4 kids
3. I want all of them to be boys
4. I live in LA (never thought i would be here)
5. There are 6 kids in my family 3 girls and 3 boys
6. I am a hair stylist (one of the best things I have done)
7. I love to sew
8. I love the beach (good thing we only live 2 miles away)
9. I love to see mountains especially with snow on them
10.but I hate to walk or drive in the snow
11. I own a toy company
12. I hate network marketing companies
13. I love new york
14. I love new clothes
15. I love new shoes
16. I love to decorate, but don't really have an eye for it
17. I hate cereal
18. I hate laundry ( I wish when clothes got dirty I could just throw them away and get something new)
19. I am greatful for blogging it helps me keep in touch with people I love
20. I miss my mom
21. I love to see my boys play (especially in the tub)
22. I get star struck very easy
23. I love teaching primary because I get to learn things I have forgotten how simple things are
24. I have a new appreciation for Joseph Smith
25. I love to hear Jackson pray (he says it on his own)
26. I love that none of my kids have ever wanted a binky it looks like a really hard habit to break
27. I love my sisters
28. I love to go to the gym
29. I love Diet Coke
30. I have a salon in my garage
31. I am greatful for eternal families
32. I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks (little Jacob:)
33. I loved living in Ogden so much there will always be a special place in my heart for the Lorrin Farr ward --- so many tragedies yet so much learned---
34. I have the best hubby in the world
35. We have so much fun toghether
35. He is such a good dad
37. and a very hard worker
38. I wish I was more ambitious
39. I love to paint furniture
40. I need a new computer
41. Sometimes I wish I was back in high school so I could do some things over-yes I have regrets-
42. I can't believe I am this old
43. I love to watch tv but we don't have cable so I can't
44. I can't wait for greys anatomy
45. 100 things is really a lot
46. I love purses
47. I hate to scrapbook
48. my most favorite piece of furniture in the house is my kitchen table
49. I am really good at spelling things ben, college graduate always asks me to spell things
50. after that last comment I hope I have spelled everthing right
51. I have lived in Bear River, Provo, Texas, Ogden, and California
52. I love my childrens blue eyes
53. I would love to go to Italy'
54. I want to go to an american Idol taping
55. I want to go to sea world
56. Today one of the moms in Jackson's preschool asked me if i was hot because of all my layers, she was in a tank and shorts. I think she saw me bend over, I just shrugged it off
57. I wish my kids were better behaved in sacrament
58. I love chicken avacado sandwiches, I could eat them every day.
59. I love chocolate
60. I like to spy on other peoples blog
61. I miss my friends
62. Jackson and I love to have dance parties
63. I love people to visit
64. Sometimes I want to chop my hair
65. I love peeps
66. I am Ok with some plastic surgeries
67. I hate renting
68. But I am definately not ready to buy
69. I love to jet ski, but I hate to get in the water.
70. I love Hannah Montana
71. I asked Jackson to say something about me he says " You like to snuggle me"
72. I love Jamba Juice
73. I really want to go to the gym today
74. I want to be more organized
75. I want a sewing room
76. I hate moving
77. I hate cleaning
78. I wish I had a dishwasher
79. I hate the bowflex in the garage, It takes up so much space
80. I am so glad I married into a wonderful family
81. I wish I was more creative
82. I wish I knew HTML
83. I love the weather here
84. I love that Grant can walk, he is so stinking cute
85. I love that Jackson is so obsessed with star wars and over spiderman
86. I love nap time
87. I wish I was 30
88. I love vegetables and could eat them like candy
89. I love steak
90. and ribs
91. I am a meat eater
92. I could never be a vegetarian
93. I am good a de junking (thanks mom)
94. I probably throw to much away
95. I hate left overs
96. I wish I loved to cook
97. maybe I would if I had a dishwasher
98. I love Saturdays
99. I love to read If I can find a good book
100. did I mention 100 things is a lot


Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Good Job T! I am glad that you did 100 things! 100 things is a lot I agree. I took me 2 days to do mine. I knew most of your 100 things. Except I thought you liked to cook? I can't wait for Greys Anatomy either. And, I can teach you about HTML if you want to learn. : )

Jackie said...

I could of thought of more stuff for you! How about since you like to work out and I don't you can go to the gym for me and since I like to cook I will cook for you?!! I hope I can visit when we get back west. You'll have to do my hair, it's so boring!

britneebabe said...

I think I knew quite a few of those!!

And I 2nd your love and anticipation for Grey's to come back!!!

Adam and Tawni said...

So fun! We could accomplish a couple of things on your list together, or at least let me babysit while you do them! I too want to go to Sea World (never been). We are only an hour and a half away....road trip!!

Jackie said...

We have no idea when we are coming back. Tell Jeff he's too young to get married and he forgot to take me to prom! As we get closer to knowing when we are leaving I will give you a call.

The Reese's said...

wow, that's impressive. i feel like i'm reaquainted (how should i spell that?) with you just from that list. i can't wait for greys either. it will be a great day when that comes back new.

Isaac & Kelsie said...

When you live a couple minutes from the kind of are always on vacation :)
I seriously don't think I have 100 interesting things about me! Good job coming up with all yours!!

Big Sis Meliss said...

I was blog-hopping and found you. Cute blog and CUTE hair! Nice job, Teresa.

Keely Kellett said...

How fun! I should try it, it's fun to learn things about people you didn't know!

Jenny Capell said...

I love Hannah Montana too! miss you.

Lari said...

Wow... Good job at thinking of 100 things. It would take me forever to do a list... haha
But I appreciate that you did it, because your list says a lot about you!