Saturday, February 16, 2008

Purse Tag!

tagged by Ashley.

Ok so I did just get a new bag, I have switched from my big purses you are all use to me carrying to a small one that fits in my diaper bag so there is not much just the essentials.
-my pass to 24 hour fitness
-normally I have a cell phone I guess it wasn't in my purse
-my new Ipod touch that Ben surprised me with on Valentines!!!!! what a cute hubby!
-of course 2 different kinds of gum one for me and the other for Jackson
-my keys
- I have my business cards in the front pocket also
thats about it!

Tagging: Tawni. sis Jenny.Katie.Lesli


Keely Kellett said...

Cute purse! I need to get a new one, more spring looking.