Saturday, May 31, 2008

Haun's Mill

So I first want to apologize for all of these pictures just having me in them, but it has just been me and my dad going on these trips so my dad takes the picture and I am in them, what more do can you do when there are only 2 of you? So just ignore me, and  the  history behind this place is very interesting.... Back when Joseph Smith was a prophet he heard that the mobs were coming so he went to the communities and told them they all needed to go to Far West or Adam-Ondi-Ahman to be safe, well there was a man by the name of Jacob Haun who said that he and his community would not leave because he wanted to protect his Mill.  Well when the mobs came they killed a bunch of the people in that community so this site was kind of a sad one but well known.  So the lesson we learn is always listen to the Prophet!


Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Moussori is beautiful! You look cute as always. I bet your mom loves having you and the kids there. Tell her I say hello!

cortney and neil said...

first off LOVE the shirt! Even though our husband's hate it. I am glad you are having fun. Your pics are way cute, and it is putting a visual to your stories. I love you tons. I have to say though I am ready for you to go home so we can talk everyday. Avery was so funny today she kept asking me if I thought Jackson would like her pink shoes. I think she has a little crush. I don't know if I'd like you as a mother-in-law though. :)JK by the way would you comment on my blog already you big jerk.

The Christensens said...

You are so beautiful, I miss your guts, it looks like you have been having fun though.Gunner will be 1 in july!!! Can you believe how fast they get big, it makes me so sad and Paul keeps telling me that I can't just keep having kids to make up for them growing up, cause eventually they will all grow up LOL...Anyways it was a huge ordeal with the neighbor boys, They bribed my kids with gum to do some pretty horrific things. keep in mind they are 12 and should know way better, My kids should have known better but when I really sat down to think about it they are still so little and I guess its just something I didn't think had to be brought up. It is such a sad world these days, its so sad how young these kids learn things, it makes me sick to think of there future in this evil world. I guess thats where we come into play it is all about teaching them right..I am so glad I figured out this whole blog thing, it is so fun to see what everyone is up to!!! Your kids are so freakin cute and getting so big :)